Sent to you with Love

Return to the Lake August 1, 2020


Dear Friends – This amazing prayer comes through the ministry of Mercy by the Sea in Madison, CT. It is sent to you, with love, on this day. Through their newsletter, online and in-person programs and retreats, MBTS offers consistent and beautiful reminders of the many faces of the Divine, each a doorway into Love. Let us join our hearts in prayer, friends, “there is yet beauty in this scarred, strident world.” Let us be that beauty for each other and for all of our hurting brothers and sisters. May it be so – Lisa

There is Yet Love – Ted Loder
O God of stunning surprises and uncanny support,
your foolishness is our hope,
your lavishness our sustenance,
your toughness our encouragement,
your gentleness our ease and re-creation,
your gifts within gifts within gifts our awe and joy.

Even as we pray, deepen us in the ways of gratitude,
of alertness, awareness, imagination, discernment,
not to celebrate fantasies
but to see what is profoundly real:
blessings so close and constant
we scarcely notice or name them as such.
Now before you, with you, we would so see and thank you.

There is yet beauty in this strident, scarred world,
for we have heard strains of it, seen splashes of it,
felt the shock and power, draw and renewal of it,
and been quickened for a time,
even jolted to add a jot and whit
to creating a new, brighter world.
We thank you and ask for keener ears,
sharper eyes, bolder minds, stronger voices.

There is yet love in this violent world,
for we have experienced it undeservedly,
even risked it in moments that claim us,
and been changed by it little by little.
We thank you for it and ask for larger hearts,
wider reach, more daring spirits, more permeable time,
more generous intentions, more inclusive communities.

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