Rites of Passage

Glimmers June 11, 2024

Dear Friends,

This morning’s green leaves dance above me. And the clouds, traveling through the soft blue sky, gently move even higher still. I treasure the birdsong surrounding me, high and bright, with an occasional low tone from the Mourning Dove. I’m reminded of my, then 7 year old, son’s face as he imitated her call. His eyebrows pulled together in an empathetic sadness, his mouth pursed as he sang, “coo-ah, coo, coo, coo,” a sweet reminder of the passage of life. (Here’s the dove’s sound for your enjoyment.)

June brings new life to the lake, we watch for tiny versions of birds and bunnies, squirrels and groundhogs. This year, three families of Canadian Geese have captured our interest. They seem to follow the sun, spending the morning on the West side to poke in the grass or turn bottom’s up in shallow water. Evening comes and we see them on the Eastern shoreline, preening and settling down after a long day. The families travel together, each set of goslings between two adults, a parade of life made extra special because of their different sizes. We watch newly hatched, more mature, and “teenager” goslings navigate their version of #lakelife and ponder the passage of life that continues.

Babies grow, families evolve, nurturing changes and identities transform, but love remains constant. Next year, some of those grown goslings will return to Beseck Lake to create their own families, some will not. The passage of life can be unpredictable, even difficult, but with intention, love remains constant. We, too, evolve and experience transformation within our very personal passage of life. It is here, during times of growth, we are invited to a deeper, more intentional commitment to love. It is here, in the morning’s promise, we hear the invitation and can say, “yes.”

With love on this new day, Lisa

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