Learning the Language of Love

Glimmers June 25, 2021


Dear Friends,   

We’ve traveled through many topics these years together: loss, hope, authenticity, trust. Before and during the pandemic, we have considered the stories that teach us about ourselves, people and the world around us. Today, as June unfolds in it’s own unique way, we too are unfolding. We’re considering life outside of our “Covid cloud,” and wondering what it looks like….where do we belong?

I played squirt gun with my son last week, learned about his island on Animal Crossings, and I hugged him. Simple pleasures with an adult child, but after eighteen long months on different sides of the country they were everything. It felt like we shared a core part of our mother-son relationship, it felt like home.

This past year was filled with loss and adjustment, two areas of life that are challenging in the usual rhythms, but this year strained our capacity to cope. We learned patterns of survival which can restrict our ability to thrive. As we step back out into the world, we step back into ourselves in a new way – into those emotional touchstones that remind us of who we are and where we belong.

At least that’s how it is for me. The spontaneous tears that arrived as I wrapped my arms around my 6’2″ son, nourished my heart and eased the grief from this extended isolation. I’m grateful that this loss of physical contact is over and hold extra empathy for those whose loved ones cannot be hugged anymore. I pray that we all find ways to give voice to our losses and expression of our love. Those moments draw us into our heart of hearts, where Love resides, and holds us close. 

As life moves forward, may we trust the threads that tell us where we belong. May we be open to God’s blessing upon the sacred weaving of our lives, as we make meaning out of joy and sadness, new life and loss. May we learn the language of love in all it’s forms – squirt guns, hugs or quiet moments – and become emissaries of hope. That is my call, please join me. Let yourself love even when it hurts.


I think my son enjoyed the hug too, and I can’t wait to wrap my arms around his brother in 97 days……96……95……





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