Grieving – the sacred art: Hope in the Land of Loss

Available April 3, 2018

“Lisa Irish shows us that grief is our ally in the Land of Loss, and indeed, her book becomes our ally as well. Her insightful study and creative descriptions of grieving tap into our own experiences of loss. The roadmap is wise, but sensitive – grounded in hope – and reminds us to rest in God’s healing love.” 

                   Richard Rohr, OFM The Center for Action and Contemplation

“There is a path from darkness into light. It is long and lonely. Lisa Irish has assembled a community of companions for this journey whose wisdom and whispers of encouragement lift the most broken among us. This book is a hand stretched out, an arm around the shoulder—it is tender, strong, reliable. Of all the books on grief, this is the one I would offer to a fellow soul on that bewildering journey through loss.”          Jan Phillips, author No Ordinary Time

A new book in the “Art of Spiritual Living” Series by Skylight Paths PublishingGrieving – The Sacred Art: Hope in the Land of Loss makes a space for love in our sadness and guides us into a Land of Hope.


Also in print

Grieving With a Grateful Heart-sq

Grieving With a Grateful Heart

Published by Abbey Press in 2016 with illustrations by R.W. Alley, this “Elf-Help” book helps the reader cultivate a spirit of gratitude for lost loved ones. The gentle, simple presentation assists grieving through reminders of love that will always endure.

Grieving with a Grateful Heart on Amazon

23174 CareNote:Feeling Alone After a Loved One Dies

This inspirational pamphlet was published in 2015 through Abbey Press. It acknowledges the challenges of loss with suggestions such as traveling inward and cultivating trust.

CareNote: Feeling Alone After a Loved One Dies on

Finding Healing in Times of Grief and Loss (CaringCompanions)Finding Healing in Times of Grief and Loss

A collection of five authors speak to grief as a source of healing, whether the loss was recent or in the past. Edited by Silas Henderson, this 2014 book is part of the Caring Companion series by Abbey Press.

Finding Healing in Times of Grief and Loss on Amazon

CareNote: Grieving with a Grateful Heart

Abbey Press published this inspirational pamphlet in 2013. It outlines themes such as embrace the legacy and trust the rhythms of grief to support those who are grieving.

CareNote: Grieving With a Grateful Heart on


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