Thank you, Mother Earth

Glimmers April 22, 2024

Dear Friends,

To the woman who took off her shoes and outer sweatshirt, to stretch out in the sunny, 56 degree, CT afternoon today:

Thank you.

Thank you for listening to the wind and waves at Mercy by the Sea, thank you for looking at the buds coming out on the tiptop of a maple tree, thank you for trusting the invitation to enjoy this Earth Day 2024 with your whole self. Thank you for resting in Divine Presence during our week together.

On the retreat team this week, I have the privilege to hear souls’ journeys during their silent directed retreat. The morning unfolded as stories revealed vulnerability, courage, humanity and trust in the unseen Hand of God. We each felt the blessing of celebrating Earth Day in this most beautiful spot and I shared a prayer from Pastor Steve – who ministers through his website, Unfolding Light.

I share it with you here, friends, because his words and intention capture a truth that I hold dear. A concept that supports my own healing and understanding as a child of God, a Godling, as Steve would say. A reminder of the deep and rich relationship that each of us has with our home, our planet Earth. With gratitude and affection, Lisa

We are part of earth, not separate, not foreign.
Earthlings. We are not the whole earth,
but we are not anything else.
Every molecule of our flesh
is from the planet’s dirt and water.
The tides in our veins, the forests in our gut,
our mountains and valleys of bones,
our breathing in and out, all are of the Earth.
The red oak and the white tailed deer,
the water buffalo, the giraffe and the penguin,
the worm and mycelium,
the springs and rivers and the wandering winds,
all embrace us, include us, flow in and out of us.
Here we belong.

And so it is true of God. We belong.
We are not God, or even a great part of God.
But we are nothing else. Godlings.
Made of God, contained in God,
belonging in God. We are God’s microbiome.
God flows in and out of us.
We will never comprehend the Infinite One,
but only know that God is in everything we do.

Our calling, on earth and in God,
is to honor our belonging.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes

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