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Glimmers February 13, 2024

Dear Friends,

I asked a friend to pray for me. And in the space of time that emails take, I thought about my request more closely. In asking for another’s thoughts/intentions/love, I was admitting my own vulnerability/hurt/need. But more than that, I was opening my heart. It felt like a risk, actually. Will she receive my request and include me in her quiet moments of faith and trust in God? I think so, but can I open my heart to this rich mystery of prayer? Can I trust the unfolding that deep prayer invites us/me into?

It turns out, this request for prayer became an entry point into my own relationship with Divine Love.  As my heart opened, there was more space to receive such Love. As my heart opened, there was more room for trust to grow and reminders to arrive, saying, “Yes, Lisa, your needs are heard, you are not alone.” Gently, prayer became more of a living thing, part of my walk through the day.

One of the reminders that just-so-happened to arrive as I opened my heart to prayer was a quote of Mechtild of Magdeburg, a 13th century German mystic. A card with words printed over a quiet lake, the sun going down, spoke to me….

“I who am Divine – am truly in you. I can never be sundered from you; however far we are parted, never can we be separated. I am in you and you are in Me. We could not be any closer. We two are fused into one, poured into a single mold, thus, unwearied, we shall remain forever.”

Friends, I offer you this reminder, especially as some of us prepare to enter the season of Lent. May we retain this promise of Divine Inclusion and receive its blessings. May we open our hearts to the possibility of  faith coming alive in our journey. May we accept our vulnerability as a doorway into a deeper relationship with our God.

with my love, Lisa

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