Are you still there, God? It’s me, Lisa

Glimmers October 27, 2023

Dear Friends,

“Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret.” Asked in the quiet of her bedroom or in the panic in her heart, 11 year old Margaret poses a question that many of us have today. Whether we are wandering in the Land of Loss due to personal crisis or carry the weight of discord, war and tragedy around us, we might be wondering where God is, right now.

I just saw “Are you there God? It’s me Margaret,” a lovely movie based on a wonderful book by Judy Blume. At the end of the movie, after all of Margaret’s challenges, she adds that single word, still, to her prayer. It’s a touching awareness for her, and for me. She’s traveled into her adolescent experiences with deep feelings, and seen family conflict between Christian and Jewish grandparents – each want their tradition for their granddaughter. I find Margaret’s lived example of hope very touching. Still….

Every time I sit in a circle with folks who want to share about personal loss, I am keenly aware of our conversation being held in the context of the tragic national and world news. Though we may not speak of it directly, but more and more we do, we seek personal healing under the shadow of global brokenness. We too, can easily ask, are you still there, God? 

But friends, I must tell you, that it is in those very circles where the question is answered. It is in the vulnerable, intimate moments of sharing one’s heart that Love shines through and touches us all. An elderly man speaks his truth, a woman weeps while quietly naming her deceased twin sister, an individual soul admits fear of the unknown –  authentic voices reveal the transformative presence of God and together in the stillness, we are renewed. Still…

Doris Klein, CSA, an artist and poet, consistently offers a voice of hope which reminds and comforts me. Let her speak to you, friends, let her assure you that Love is still in our midst: holding, nurturing, healing all of us. Please click on this link to see her poem, “We risk a sacred journey,” set to music and infused with hope.

 We stand, clothed in grace and showered with blessing. At times we see the flecks of light; at other times we see only the shadows of the silhouette. But always, both in our knowing and in our unknowing, we are escorted into tomorrow by Love, who gives us everything we need.

We risk a sacred journey, indeed, to choose Love, still…

with affection, Lisa


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