My First Born

Glimmers September 19, 2023

Dear Friends,

Today, September 21, is the 44th birthday of our first child. This year is special, as he anticipates the arrival of his first child, and we consider the miracle of our first grandchild. My mind returns to the overwhelming experience of childbirth – husband and medical team guiding me through – and my body taking charge in the revelation of new life. I remember deep trust in the moment, mixed in with repeated adjustments, as time and the phases of delivery led me through this fundamental encounter with my humanity.

I am ever grateful for the gift of motherhood from both of our sons – for the love we share that is unique to us, for the opportunity to watch them grow through all the stages of  life and become men I enjoy and respect. I sit in wonder as we watch their lives grow beyond anything I can imagine.

One year before our boy was born, Earth, Wind and Fire released “September.” It became an anthem in our house, as we celebrated his birthday, and the obvious choice for our mother-son dance at his wedding. The lyrics speak of the power of love, of hearts and souls aligned, and of dancing…always dancing. This year’s birthday is one to remember, my boy, and I pray for your journey into fatherhood. Friends, won’t you join me? Let’s dance! (click here to listen!)

Do you rememberThe 21st night of September?Love was changin’ the minds of pretendersWhile chasin’ the clouds away
Our hearts were ringin’In the key that our souls were singin’As we danced in the night, rememberHow the stars stole the night away, oh, yeah


With love for all of our children, for the children of the world without loving parents, for those loving hearts without children. Love, the common denominator, unites us, Lisa

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