A Pilgrim’s Path

Glimmers July 19, 2023

Dear Friends,

Today I begin a pilgrimage. Or has my life’s pilgrimage brought me to this day? I could not step out, into this new adventure, without including you in my preparation…without including you in my heart.

I have always been an experiential learner, and teacher, as well. The classroom was wall-papered with content, wisdom and stories of others whose humanity guided the path. Tables, chairs and desks were arranged so that conversation happened easily or contemplative listening happened naturally – engagement in the service of opening minds and hearts. Today, I welcome the image of myself as the student of my own story. I understand my passion for experience as an invitation to truth. I open my heart, just a little bit more, to the Source of my own wisdom and sink into my identity as “Beloved.”

This awareness is not an easy step for me, as I expect for you, as well. We are told we are “children of God,” we are taught a gospel of love and forgiveness, yet our traditional patterns include self-doubt, inner criticism, or serious judgement. How can I, or you, live in the light of knowing we are beloved of God? I propose the practice of experiential learning as a thread to follow! Let us pick ourselves up and enter new spaces. Let us discover ourselves as we explore the invitations that life offers, often in our own backyard. “Let us ponder the unknown, what is hidden and what’s whole, and finally learn to travel at the speed of our own soul.”

I was all set to describe my plan and my intentions for it, but fortunately I realized I’d be packing “expectation” into my suitcase instead of being open to the moments before me. Yes, I have an itinerary and some logistics set up, I’m nearly 73 after all. At the same time, I carry a pilgrim’s heart and trust the journey that invites me. May we all deepen our trust in the paths before and within us, may we all walk with the Holy One guiding our steps. As John Philip Newell prays, “My soul sings of you, O God, you are the seed of new beginnings. My soul sings of you, O God, my spirit delights in your Presence.”

Pray for me, friends, as I pray for you on the pilgrim’s path, Lisa




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