In the quietness of now…

Glimmers November 4, 2022

Dear Friends,

“The geography of your destiny is always clearer to the eye of your soul than to the intentions and needs of your surface mind.”

This time of year finds the silky morning fog resting on grey lake water. I rest in silence, within the safety of no expectations, no images beyond the lamp post on the shoreline. The sun’s rise illuminates the blanket of white around me, gradual changes appear. My heart is stilled in the moment, the awakening of this new day is named Gentleness.

When the geography around me, and of my destiny as John O’Donohue describes it, can be seen with my soul-eyes, I’m invited into the present moment. Here… now… I sink into that which I cannot understand and yet, somehow, am filled with understanding.

My soul-eyes witnessed a group of wounded travelers, on a recent journey into the Land of Loss, as they too slowed down to the rhythms and intentions of deep movements. They allowed their Grief to guide and teach them. In their presence, I journeyed as well, honoring recent losses and deepening my trust in Love’s healing arc that moves through our human experience.

The sky is clearing, the lake offers a reflection of the trees – some naked, but not all – and a small band of mist floats across the water. I’m reminded of another resource for travel directions, Carrie Newcomer’s, “Abide.” She sings:

Let us ponder the unknown,
What is hidden and what’s whole,     
And finally learn to travel,               
At the speed of our own souls.

In the Land of Loss, and in life, we follow the pace and rhythms of soul-traveling. Sometimes we pay attention, sometimes not, sometimes we have no choice.  A discovery, in these new horizons, is the consistent, gentle reminder that Love accompanies us all along the way. As Carrie describes it:

Stay awake with me and we’ll listen more intently, 

to something wordless and remaining, sure and ever-changing.

in the quietness of now….

With affection, fellow travelers,



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