It’s Not “Just a Number”

Glimmers July 30, 2020


Dear Friends,

I never understood what people were referring to when they offer this platitude on the subject of age. “It’s just a number,” they would say and I would wonder, “Yeah, but it’s still the number of years I’ve been alive, right?  Are you suggesting that we can pretend our body isn’t aging?” (This is a sincere question, I can’t figure that idea out.)

I feel the weight of these years, both the lessons and the gifts. Or is it the physical weight I am feeling as a premier member of the Covid Continuous Consumption Club?  In the quiet of evening…or when I see the news… or just remember … I feel the weight of seventy years of living and these days, it feels heavy. (For comic relief, click here.)

I cannot look at the next year of my life without a deep and humble thank you for all these years that preceded it. Yes, some were painful, but so many were filled with moments of joy, of love, of beauty, of wonder. This number, this 70, is an invitation to open my eyes and see the me that I have become. It’s not just a number…

It’s an accumulation of life experiences that, combined with my inherent qualities,  weaves together the complex and “rooted in love” being that I am.

It’s the quiet mornings, stillness, as life is waking up to a new day, light returning once again.

It’s being with people, ahhh people, whose presence I sorely miss these days…whose presence I took for granted much of the time.

It’s each of those life moments that create a secret snapshot, or a serenade with a sweet, saucy, slithering sigh.

It’s the moments of love between hearts that illuminate my humanity, the moments of love I experience, within, that define it.

It’s the living, squishy vibrations that are ricochetting throughout my body, in record speed.

It’s listening to the breath of Spirit that whispers tender reminders of hope and forgiveness.

It’s that child of God, dancing among the stars or tenderly toe-stepping in the tulips, wherever her whim might take me.


It’s not just a number, it’s a call to be the best me in a time that needs everyone of us to live with integrity and hope. Will you join me? No age requirement.

with my love and gratitude, Lisa















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