Let Your Light Shine!

Glimmers November 1, 2017

O when the saints, go marching in,

O when the saints go marching in,

Lord I want to be in that number, when the saints go marching in!

Dear Friends,

I’m a “small s saint.” There, I’ve said it. Out loud. I’m a “small s saint!” And so are you and you and you! I know there are “ Big S Saints” out there. “Big S Saints” share their light without hesitation or restriction. But I’m just a normal human – filled with fears, flaws and resistance, my light is “in-training.”

But I have a light. And so do you. Somewhere in each of us is a glint of light, an essence of hope, a shimmer of mercy. I experience it in others all the time, I bet you do, too. Think of that person who waved you into the shorter line at the grocery store. Or a friend who listened to your story. Or that infant that melted your heart. You encountered another soul who was willing to be present to your soul…you connected.

For me, these heart-felt connections are evidence of Divine Love that resides within each of us. Love that extends beyond my limited capacity, to something more. Love that lifts me up when I’m down, gives me courage when I’m afraid. Love that heals the wounds I have carried. Love that transforms my eager heart into its adorable “small s saint”ly self. For some amazing and grace-filled reason, I said, “Yes!” I will be that saint I’ve been called to be! No one else can shine my light for me. My light, like yours, like every human being on the planet, is unique and invaluable.

Join me, my friends, and claim the light you were born with! Let your light shine in the world around you! Let it’s warmth touch those you love and those you barely know. Your light, in its shining singularity, will nurture hope, bring comfort, ease another’s fears. Together, our lights can create into something beautiful!

Let your “small s saint”ly self join the parade as we go “marching in” together!

love to you on this first day of November,


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