What do we see in the reflections?

Glimmers September 6, 2016

Return to the Lake

Oh, its been too long. Too long since I’ve sat here and received your wisdom. The September sky changed everything, and I remembered. Without you, without the created world that surrounds me when I sit with you…I lose touch.

I love looking out at the expanse of the lake, especially when the sky’s reflection doubles the view. I see the lake below and the lake above, parallel colors, but not exactly the same. I love entering the scene, becoming a part of it, just another bit of mystery – like the sky, the ducks, the ripples in the water. I find great freedom in that imagining – is my fear stronger than the trees that withstand the cold of winter? Is my stress more important than the swan protecting her family? Instead, I see my life’s tasks and tensions become a part of the wholeness around me, my concerns aligned with Mystery and I can let go.

My dear friends,

It’s been two and a half years since I started This Little Light. Since then, my monthly Glimmers have become part of my prayer and, I hear, part of your life. I have embraced digital communication and hope it will help you and I continue to learn from one another. This November, I plan to launch a new website that shares the vision of Light we have been enjoying and offers a more consistent message through a blog format. I hope you will join me in this venture. Thanks to the return emails from many of you, I experience my writing as dialogue with you. Its sacred, really, to know there is an exchange between us in the midst of our solitary lives. A blessing, freely given and received.

I will still email and post monthly Glimmers with observations and (hopefully) inspirations, the blog will have a separate theme: Return to the Lake. It has come to me that if I slow down long enough, I can hear the wisdom around me. It is healing for me and perhaps will be helpful to you.

Blessings on the little children who go off to school this September. Blessings on each of you who face challenges and fears. Blessings on those who pray for healing, body, mind and soul.

With love, Lisa

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