Sliding through the changes life brings

Glimmers July 27, 2015

Dear Friends,

As June turns into July, I’m wondering…what kinds of “turning” are you experiencing these days? How is change moving things around in your life and in your heart?

First, may I say it is a gift to be reaching out to you again. I’m considering offering more frequent communication from This Little Light. I really enjoy “the pause” when I think of each of you, pray for you, and become connected with you. Thank you for being there. I would suggest that “the pause” these Glimmers seek to offer is one way to process, even reverence, the moments in our lives. Is this a time of change for you? It is for me!

  • Perhaps if I name some particular examples you’ll understand my recent appreciation of change, transition and transformation.
  • I’ve started noticing the song birds around our house. We are building a relationship, the birds and I, that gives me such life! I observe their variety, melody, silliness and habits and find myself quieting down. Their song of life is teaching me, and I bring this joy with me out into the world.
  • I’ve accepted the invitation to listen deeply, with more intention and consistency. This “practice” moves me from simply “seeking answers” to becoming comfortable with the questions. I am learning that holding a question is a grace-filled way of being.
  • I made a change in my work life. I moved from hospital ministry to community-based chaplaincy, experiencing transition several months before I left, and now, three months later. Transition is both subtle and powerful, leaving its mark on my point of view, on feelings about the past, and on the limits of my eager heart.
  • I applied for Medicare. This rite of passage brought tears, not giggles, for me. I felt my vulnerability at this stage of life. I saw the many roads I have traveled so far and wondered what lay ahead. It seems these pivotal events that last a few hours or a few minutes reverberate through our stories, inviting our participation.

My words to you this month…respect and care for the influence of change in your life. How is it teaching you? What is it teaching you? Are you willing to learn? We know our contemporary and technological lifestyle favors moving on to the next thing, often as quickly as possible. Instead, slow down… watch the birds… breathe in the change. Experience how it feels in your body. Listen to your heart and trust its invitations. Pause as you cross the threshold. Wonder at your life, its joys and challenges, and consider the glimmers of light hiding in the corners or blinding your way. Let Love live in you.

with affection,


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