Join the promise of Spring

Glimmers May 24, 2014

Dear Friends,

During my walk this morning, I inhaled the sweet, fresh air of Spring!
Ahhhh… So grateful for this lovely May day and for my allergy-free breathing. 🙂

I need to tell you that you have been in my prayer all month. It’s true! Ever since I started this monthly Glimmer ministry, I find my heart and mind turns to you….wondering how my words might help…. wondering how you are doing. I find this dynamic, holding another in one’s heart, to be such a tender, yet powerful gift. Let me say more…

We get distracted. Outside demands, inside anxieties or expectations, excitement and celebrations! All human activities “pull” at our energy, asking for our attention. Our lives can seem like a balancing act of fitting it all in, or sometimes it doesn’t fit at all! So the energy we might bring to loving thoughts for another can get lost in the great stream of life.

And yet, what is life without one another? What is it to be human if we’re not connected to other warm, living humans? When we pray for another, holding their intentions in our hearts, we establish this gentle tendril of Love that weaves its way through all the commotion. We affirm our shared humanity and, in the Mystery, our shared Love becomes another reality in this world. It is as present and real as Wall Street or the ocean or a work of art.

So, my friends, in the words of E.E. Cummings,
“I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)” 
And I invite you to do the same. Allow your consciousness to embrace this tender yet powerful act of holding another in the depths of your heart. Start with your loved ones, as I’m sure you do already. In the quiet moments, bring them gently within your gaze of Love. But don’t stop there – your neighbors, co-workers, all you meet, those you hear about in the news, those who’s lives are as far from yours as possible…bring them all into the Light, wish them well, send them Love.

The world needs you and me, you know. Join with the Promise of Spring! Let the sweet tendrils of Love unfurl in your heart and reach out to the world. Our Love is a gift we can offer…as I offer mine to you on this May morning.

Peace, Lisa

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