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September 2020

If Not Now, Tell me When

Glimmers September 1, 2020


Dear Friends,

You have been on my mind throughout these past weeks.  I hope you’ve found ways to take care of yourself in these uncertain times –  resources to sustain your heart and moments of beauty to remind you of the gift of being alive. These elements of our human story have become central to survival, I am grateful for the opportunities when they appear.

This morning’s invitation came in the form of a loud squawk over my head. Looking up, I saw a Great Blue Heron’s prehistoric form flying up above. Another squawk, and I realized there were two of them circling my little corner of the world. I see them standing on water’s edge, then crouching to take flight, but today’s arrival was much louder and more particular than usual. Their early morning conversation drew my attention and seemed to say, “Go forward, Lisa. Trust what has led you to this moment. Embrace your place in the Mystery.”

Our regular, sometimes hourly, adjustment to a Covid lifestyle in the United States has demanded deeper and more intentional spiritual practice from me. Perhaps that’s the case for you? Life has slowed, priorities have surfaced, feelings continue. As I say good morning to our garden, my heart relaxes into her beauty. The cobwebs shimmer in the sunlight, dewdrops create crystal-like points of light... I greet the day and respond to the heron’s call.

And you? How might the plants and creatures in your life be speaking to you? What scripture or poetry sings to you of love’s abiding presence? Where does wisdom reside for you? Go forward, friends, trust what has led you to this moment. You have what you need to come into the fullness of who you are, to bring your light into the world around you. We are grateful you are here. Embrace your place in the Mystery and let Carrie Newcomer’s lovely song “If Not Now” (click here) nourish your heart as you travel down the road.

“Hope is holding in creative tension all that is, with everything that could and should be, and each day taking some action to narrow the distance between the two.” Parker J. Palmer

With affection, Lisa