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October 2016

Can I let go with the same grace as the leaves of fall?

Glimmers October 5, 2016

Dear Friends,

Here in Connecticut, Fall is welcomed with pumpkins on the porch and warm apple cider on the stove. These rituals help us say goodbye to the warm pleasures of Summer. The wind blows new beginnings into my heart, a leftover from back-to-school rhythms, I suspect. What will happen in this new year of learning?

Is the cardinal, who keeps visiting, trying to tell me something? Or how about the book I am looking for on the shelf or in a stack somewhere… is the fact I can’t find it telling me that its not yet time to read it? These kind of questions mystify me. They invite me into a new way of thinking….a way without clearcut answers. When I don’t have an answer, though, I get a little nervous. There is security in certainty, my preferred route. But life keeps presenting unpredictable, or challenging, questions without answers. And I remember words I that resisted the first time I heard them, “Maybe the answer is not yours to know.”

Let’s say, I accept this open-ended approach to life. Let’s say, I say yes to Mystery, even when it touches the details of MY life. What would that feel like? How do I wrap my control-desperate mind around a call to such deep surrender? Today, I embrace the words of Dag Hammarskjold as my mantra for the new “school year.” May I, may we, cultivate a heart open to Mystery…

               “For all that has been – Thanks. For all that shall be – Yes.”

with affection, Lisa