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September 2015

The Heart of Things

Glimmers September 27, 2015

“The future has an ancient heart.” Carlo Levi  

Dear Friends,

I hope this September Glimmer finds you well. I always experience a “new year” feeling as Summer slides into Fall, this year is no exception. Do you carry the echoes of starting over at this time of year? I’ve been busy working on a book that will be published next year (another new beginning in Fall), and have been looking forward to reconnecting with you through my monthly missive.

Carlo Levi’s words set the direction for this Glimmer. I ask you to join me in considering them:

“The future has an ancient heart.”
picture of an ancient wood carving

Stop and think about it for yourself…

The future…all that is before me, mostly unknown except the promise of my death. Future…the time to come…opportunity…a gift.

An ancient heart…heart, evokes a tender image…love. Combined with ancient, I envision the promise of love that extends back through time. Love that is in my own story, my parents and grandparents, love that is part of my legacy as a human being. The image of ancient heart aligns my heart with the Source of Love.

We are not stranded here in this life, nor will we be as we move forward. The future’s vibrating reality will not shed the Source from which it came. Instead the future will carry the wisdom and tenderness of the ages. The future will inhabit the legacy of Love.

I write these words as a member of the human race, as one voice that embraces the both/and of being alive. When I look to the future, and embrace this vision, I find myself more fully in the Now. And this moment, this breath, is the mystery of God.

I write these words with an awareness of the tragedies that surround us in 2015, our “now.” While I explore the breadth and depth of Spirit, it is not done so in a vacuum. Currents of cruelty and confusion challenge our hearts everyday. That is why it is critical that we align ourselves with Love, with the ancient heart that beats throughout time. It is vital that we see ourselves, our value and our light as part of that Light of hope.

Seek and share your gifts, friends. Bring the treasure of your heart into service of the Ancient Heart that holds us all so tenderly. The world needs you, your family and friends need you. I need you.

With love and Mercy, Lisa